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Registration allows to get a space for the texts to analyse. If you want to register, you just have to insert a valid e-mail address and a password and then click on "New user".

Short guide to LEXICON

The software provides statistical analysis of the lexical tokens of one or more texts and compares their characteristics, in particular the overlap ratio of the lexical forms between two or more texts. It works in two stages: input of the texts and setting of the tools, and performance of the analysis.

1. Input of texts and setting of the tools

  • Get the texts to examine in .txt format
  • If wished, group the texts in corpora
  • When needed, create word lists to exclude from the analysis

1.1 Get the texts

The texts to be analysed must be trasnferred from your PC to the Lexicon archive, where they remain until they will be removed. The function TEXTS gives a title to every text, changes the name of the file and checks its content (also for eliminating undesidered signs or spaces).

1.2. How to create corpora

The function CORPORA groups more texts in a set which can be submitted to the analysis as well as every single text can be. Once the corpus has been created, every text included in the archive can be added or eliminated from it.

1.3 Through the function 3 you can select a list of words which will not be analysed.

Grammatical tables can be created and saved by selecting and including the relevant words.

2. To perform the analysis

The software gives automatically the number of tokens and types of every text. Special functions as FREQUENCIES, COLLOCATES, and COMPARISON of the ANALISIS Menu can operate on the materials which have been previously arranged as explained at point 1. The results are presented in table format, and their order can be changed just clicking on the header of the columns:
  • The blue header means that the column can be sorted in other way (AZ or ZA).
  • The red header means that the table is sorted: a click will reverse the order.
  • The black header means that the column cannot be sorted.  
In creating the frequency tables, one can select a fixed number of words to analyse or a lexical key (a root of words where * represents whatever number of cahrs, and ? a single character). You can also create a table of sequences frequency, called phrases, that is the frequency of words series which occur more times, just selecting the number of words which should build the expected series.
N.B. We recommend to use always the internal buttons, avoiding the browser buttons.
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